3 points to Manifest the Life you want. Lesson 1

1.   So what is the difference between you and someone who is always lucky? What is the difference between you and someone has become wealthy? You and every other person are physically the same and the wealthy or lucky person may even be physically worse off than you if you have healthy habits and exercise regularly. So why is he/ she so lucky or wealthy? Well let me reveal the secret, our mind is a powerful thing and honestly the only difference between someone like that and you is their mindset. This post is the first of a series of posts/lessons which will point you in the right direction to get the mindset that makes you special because everyone who is wealthy has their own special thing whatever it may be, it’s still their own special thing.

2.    So how do to you “find” your special thing? The reason why I put find in quotations is because you don’t really have to find it. We already all have it, we are all unique, we just need realize what our special thing is. And if you want to find your special thing, you need to know yourself. I’m talking about everything, you need to know you likes and dislikes, you need to be conscious about how you’re thinking and what you’re thinking, you need to be sure about your feelings and in control of your feelings and emotions.

3.   So your question is how do I do this? Well, it’s not easy to change someone’s mind let alone his mindset. Just think about how hard it is to change your own mind, then you can only imagine how hard it is to change someone else’s mind. So here it is, the first lesson is to know yourself and to do that there’s a very simple practice. About 3 – 5 times a week, just sit down and do nothing for fifteen minutes, let your mind run, let your thoughts flow and just try to release all your feelings and emotions through your thought process. That’s the first lesson to getting to know yourself and to change your mindset to create a life that you will love and be happy in. More to come in the next lesson.

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